I.T. International Transit s.r.l. report itself as an excellent partner for custom clearance and delivery of goods in arrive at Genoa Harbour.
We are a forwarding company which mainly take care of custom clearance and import logistic, following far east market as primary specialization.
It provides 3 licensed customs brokers, and a staff experienced in marine traffic, in addition to Other qualified personnel inside the customs and in relationships with shipping companies. The quality level of the personnel, favouring young and enterprising workers supported by expert managers, turns out to be a winning combination of quality and accuracy of the service. Since December 2011 It obtained the AEOF certification of customs reliability, which allows lighter and faster procedures, relying on correctness detected during a year of checks carried out by the management.
I.T. International Transit s.r.l., which works on customs operations since 1982, is a small-sized Family-run company with the privilege of always having someone inside who can listen to you and understand your needs, who knows about your dossier, and will be able to solve any problem fast and with accuracy, providing you updated information and personally focusing on your issue.
We’re the perfect partner of those who have no time to waste, of who wants to be listened and pretends a fast and accurate response.
We offer a wide variety of services in the customs and logistics sphere, with an almost totally computerized carrying out in the following spheres: customs, sanitary, veterinary, Phytopathological.
We’ve been allowed by many shipping companies to consult their database to control and manage the shipment, resulting in the possibility to follow the goods from departure to arrival, always being aware of any movement.

The company obviously has a warehouse, both Customs, national VAT tax filing possibility of emptying, sorting and delivery of goods, Including food. Its management is handled by personnel used to the sorting and distribution of material (for example I.T. International Transit s.r.l. manages movements of various goods with emptying, accurate picking and widespread distribution).
In most cases, delivery is cured directly from the warehouse staff that has vehicles of various types.
The excellent relations with various shipping companies allow to act with complete freedom for quick deliveries often even with the withdrawal of the documents on board of arriving ships.
Billing operations, prepared by the office manager, is performed usually within 3/4 days after delivery of goods, with no negative surprises, compared to what had previously agreed.
About prices, the main objective is to optimize the quality with cost containment, meeting the needs of customers, adopting customized and extremely elastic rates.
Do not hesitate to contact I.T. International Transit s.r.l. and try by yourself how much this company can help you develop yourself, saving human and financial resources, solving for you any logistics/customs related issue.