Our services

Import: carefully booking loads from departure to arrival at the receiving warehouse.
From the take in charge of the goods from everywhere around the world to delivery established by the receiver, from the choice of shipping companies to consolidation of goods, forwarding, sea shipping and/or air transport, arrival, customs clearance and delivery.

Main Service: from Far East

Main Goods: any good, with particular reference to textile sector

Main Features: Costantly updated informations, fast execution and courtesy.

Export: from booking load to delivery everywhere in the world. From managing withdraw, customs, shipment, transport and delivery of goods, eventually consolidation of goods in warehouse.

Main service: to Far East

Main product category: any Good

Main features: costant information, alternative proposals from various companies.

taken over by primary company.
Transportation and warehousing:
of any kind of goods, both in containers and groupage complete or not.
Customs consulting: studies in Genoa and Rome for ministerial licenses. Post customs clearance practices:
repayments, revision, disputes, etc..
Banks support: Credito Italiano agenzia uno
Banca Passadore agenzia Genova Sampierdarena

The association with the best trucking and warehouses ensure a standard of high quality service, availability of trucks and semi-trailers of various types, both for the transport of containers and miscellaneous goods, and articulated trucks, able to meet any need.
For obvious logistical requirements we use a warehouse not far from the port, for the sorting of the consignments in groupage and for the deconsolidation of containers of different receivers, for handling goods (transfer, palletizing, canning etc.) And, for the sorting to various recipients, of goods from individual importers with direct delivery or by courier with proven reliability.
Part of this stock is also available for short storage of various goods (not dangerous goods); It is shelved, for the quick location of the goods with optimal order; It is also enabled for the storage of food products.